Write less, do more with L2Code jQuery! Designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library that eases complex and difficult tasks making code easier to write and understand.
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Watch this short video to see L2Code jQuery in action!

This has been a great way to lock down certain things I have been uncomfortable with. Great interface!

Great app!

Nice to be able to learn and review material when I don't have access to a computer.

I am enjoying your web-learning apps (Javascript, CSS, JQuery) and am learning a LOT!

I love that after I finish the app, I still have a sandbox editor to play with.

Check out these interactive elements that you will practice and learn in L2Code jQuery:


JavaScript Recap

Get a short review on JavaScript.


Intro to jQuery

Learn jQuery library basics to get started.


Formatting, Interactivity, and Animation

Learn how to add formatting, interactivity, and animation.


Sets, Loops, and jQuery Functions

Learn the logic and extra tools jQuery provides for sets.


Traversing the DOM

Learn to traverse or "walk" across the Document Object Model to get different objects.


Manipulating the DOM

Learn how to remove, change, and insert objects from the Document Object Model.


Advanced Animations

Learn tips and tricks for more complex animations.


jQuery UI

Learn about the jQuery UI plugin.


jQuery UI Continued

Learn more about the power of jQuery UI.


Improve Performance

Learn how to make your jQuery scripts more efficient.


Optimize Selectors

Learn how to make selectors run fast and accurately.



Install jQuery with this quick guide.

L2Code jQuery's 12 step-by-step lessons make learning jQuery easy, intuitive, and effective.

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